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Director is the media management backbone to achieve Smarter Controlling. An integral component of the eqqon portfolio, Director enables integration with several Audio Systems and third party management platforms, providing the building block for integrated services management. With Director you can:

   Automate announcement operations and implementing complex behavior infrastructures
   Operate as Cloud Service kicks off the single point of failiure problem
   Unify the management of physical and virtual resources for announcement servers, Amplifiers and networks
   Simplify the management of optimized systems
   Achieve a single view of the actual state of operation and usage of your media systems

Director provides systems management personnel with a single pane of glass, helping reduce IT management complexity and cost. Key Director capabilities include:

   Simple Lifecycle Management of your workloads with intuitive usability and reduced complexity – Director offers a core, comprehensive, unified systems management platform. It provides tools for discovery, inventory, status, configuration, system health, resource monitoring, system updates, event notification and management automation.
   Integration - with third party management platforms, provides the foundation for virtualization and integrated services management. With an extensive suite of available platform management tasks, and automated tools, Director assists systems management personnel in increasing productivity, resulting in improved responsiveness and service.

The key value of Director is its ability to integrate media products into one environment. It dramatically reduces the number of management tools and interfaces; simplifying the way in which system administrators perform their tasks, and freeing up their time to meet changing requirements.

Director is a comprehensive security and evacuation management system with a focus on usability and productivity. The software provides a fast overview of your public address system's status and makes operating life- or text calls very easy by means of an intuitive and fully customizable graphic user interface. Director supports the public address systems Variodyn D1 and Variodyn 3000 and has been successfully deployed to manage the evacuation systems of facilities as complex as large airports, public transportation providers or shopping centers.

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NEW Online Equalizer and Delay Setup

Directly access the audio properties - parametric equalizer and delay - of your devices and change them on the fly. Simply drag the frequency response graphs and delay sliders and apply the settings in the running system or download the current settings from the devices. No system reboot needed.

NEW Online Audio Levelmeter

See the actual level from any channel of your installation. Individually position level meter items in your user interface and watch the audio level of the signal on inputs or outputs of your systems.

NEW Dynamic Audio Matrix configuration

Combine and switch any available audio sources and audio destinations at ease. Director's dynamic audio routing user interface elements open completely new and ubiquitous ways of using your audio system. Every change you make has immediate audible effect - no configuration update or rebooting of the devices is required.

NEW Various Utilities and Tools

Enrich your user interface with utilities such as analog or digital clocks and other handy tools.

Create intuitive user interfaces with just a few clicks

Director allows you to place and arrange controls for operating calls, adjusting audio loudness and many more functions on a fully customizable graphic workspace. Create interactive maps of your buildings / facilities and productively manage their evacuation systems. Save time and money by using director's flexible interactive workspace editor to easily adapt the software to your constantly changing needs.

See what's going on in your PA system

Director visualizes the usage of your announcement zones in real-time. You can monitor the status of the system's devices, view event messages and more.

Manage users and control access

Keep control of the parts of user interface the personnel may view or change. Create secure areas that can only be accessed by authorized staff.

Delight your audience with comfortable loudness

Background music usually is comfortable only if the loudness is moderate. With director you keep control of the audio volume in your acoustic zones. Prepare loudness presets for various occasions, fine tune the volume in every different zone and assign different loudness for background music or announcement calls.

Extend your workspace to many monitors

Director is the ideal solution for multi-monitor desktop environments such as control center work places.

Analyze system messages

System messages are automatically recorded by director and stored in a database. Analyze what has happened by utilizing director's powerful search filters. The security personnel can acknowledge new errors and attach comments.

Software Requirements

Software Infobox
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status Released, Available
type director is a comprehensive
security and evacuation management system
with a focus on Public Address Evacuation
Operating System: Windows 10
autors eqqon GmbH
descriptiondirector Application
copyright(c) 2023 by eqqon
Director V1.4 Splash.png
Hardware requirements
  • Processor: 1,2GHz (min. quad core)
  • RAM: at least 8GB (recommended: 16GB RAM)
  • Hard disc space: 100GB (recommended: 500GB drive)
  • Graphics: hardware support for Direct X9
  • Network: 1GB Ethernet
  • Mouse: 3 buttons with scrollwheel
Software requirements
  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Libraries: .Net Framework 4.8
  • Graphics driver: Direct X9

Price Information and Ordering

To aquire an up-to-date price list or to order director please send an email to sales(at)


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