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apps by eqqon

eqqon develops your smartphone app for any plattform. Our service includes analysis, specification, grapfic design and programming of apps and web apps.

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services by eqqon

eqqon develops individual solutions for the public sector such as airports, shopping centers, transportation, shipping, production industries, energy providers and many more.

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eqqon thrives for optimum solutions that have various application possibilities for enterprises and cooperates with well known partners like Siemens.

director by eqqon

director is an advanced evacuation managment software for Variodyn with focus on usability and productivity.
director by eqqon

director is the innovative security- and evacuation management system for diverse applications, from start up systems to large, distributed network solutions.

It supports the Variodyn D1 and Variodyn 3000 public address systems on the highest level and has been successfully deployed to manage the evacuation systems of facilities as complex as large airports, public transportation service providers or shopping centers. Read more ...