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eqqon NEWS March 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please find below the first issue of the eqqon news. We are pleased to update you on our company and our products on a regular basis every three months.

It is our intention not only to inform but to provide a facility to enter into a dialogue. We invite you to bring up questions, give your opinion and your experiences on our products and to comment on current topics.

For your feedback please use the email address feedback(at) we are looking forward to a sincere exchange of thoughts,

   Wolfgang Zelenka and Meinrad Recheis


2010 was a very significant and important year for us at eqqon.

We were able to complete various national and international projects effectively and managed to attract and acquire new customers in close cooperation with prestigious and well-known partners.

We are glad about the successful finalization of comprehensive projects for airports, transport authorities, shopping malls, energy suppliers, inland and ocean shipping, industry, manufacturing and fire control, as well as several small-sized projects in the area of public safety.

In autumn 2010 we took part in the Security 2010 in Essen together with MediasPro. The fair ranks among the biggest and most frequently visited events in the field of security and fire control, creating a centre of attention for approximately 42.000 visitors and 1.078 exhibitors from 38 nations.

We would like to thank all visitors for their interest in our software Director, as well as for inspiring and motivating discussions and the confidence shown to us.

Prolight + Sound – April 6 to 9, 2011

In April 2011 we will participate together with MediasPro in the fair Prolight + Sound, the international fair of technologies and services for events and entertainment.

Prolight + Sound is the leading international trade fair for the event-technology sector and covers all products, trades and services.

We are looking forward to meet you in Frankfurt and invite you to visit us from April 6 to 9, 2011 at the booth, number 8.0 G27.

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Director - new features

Director is used as a user-interface for single and multi-monitor operator stations, as well as a maintenance and configuration tool for electro-acoustic public address systems. Director supports the public address system Variodyn D1 at the highest level.

Director provides a lot of new features – please find hereafter a selection:

Director link

Director link connects a project that is distributed to several operator stations to an overall system. In this way operators are able to manage calls and announcements on different operator stations at the same time and to monitor current conditions and information.

Project changes can be launched either on one or more operator stations during full operation. The projects are automatically synchronised, changes of control elements are operative immediately on all linked operator stations.

The functionality of user rights can be restricted or applied merely to designated operator stations; likewise operator stations can be excluded from this functionality.

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) function

The activatable SNMP server allows queries regarding values and settings of individual system objects from outside the system by using a SNMP Management System.

Full screen mode

The operator station can be set to full screen mode, in this process the display is adjusted automatically to the optimal screen solution.

The full screen mode can be secured as operator mode; the application stays in the foreground and can not be changed without authorisation.

By using a newly developed display element registered users can be displayed also in full screen mode. This element enables also a fast user switching in full screen mode.

Push to talk button

This element shows the status of Variodyn push to talk buttons. The operation on Variodyn call stations and director operator stations can take place on any operator station simultaneously and is fully synchronised.

Connection of director to Variodyn control signals

New are also the enfolding options to display and process the information of Variodyn control signals and the option to control the Variodyn system this way.

In doing so the contact controlled building management devices such as door openers, alarm systems, smoke-dampers and others can be controlled by mouse-clicks, respectively their status displayed.

Recording control

By using this element new messages can be recorded easily on the audio database of the Variodyn system.

Recorded messages can be acted out from all operator stations immediately; thereby working with a large number of recordings in particularly large systems is made substantially easy.

Director manages unassisted the recording slots in the audio database.

Timed calls

By using this element recorded messages for single or periodic calls are programmed during full operation. The user is able to choose between various programming options.

The focus is on periodic calls that are especially important for public transportation services.

Event database

Director automatically saves all event messages sent by a Variodyn system in a project data base. The newly conceived database element enables the user to gain access as well as various filter options for the display of items.

Predefined queries for error messages are available; further options for the analysis and evaluation of audio-connection logs, line monitoring and earth fault monitoring show only an outline of capabilities.

New messages are automatically displayed and can be confirmed or commented by the user.

Director on touch panels

Especially for the operation on touch panels we developed new elements for volume control and control of audio connections.

By using these elements touch panels can be used for media control.


We summarized the most common required combinations of operation elements in templates to simplify conveniently the configuration work; the templates are displayed in the toolbox.