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Release Message

Porting of the core is done, we are waiting for the jgit people to commit something ;). Ok, just kidding. We still need to port some code from the jgit CLI and we are working on killing a hand full of porting bugs in the core. Some important bugs have been squashed since the last release:
Nulltoken fixed the index-bug that made git# incompatible to the original git. Now we are on track again. Rolenun fixed git.exe which failed when started on windows via the system %PATH%.

On top of that, there is a new user centric api which resides in namespace Git. It simplifies interaction with git objects and commands, hides the technical complexity of the core and should provide a stable interface for your applications (once it is done). The api is still work in progress, so please expect that it will be changed / improved / extended, until everyone is happy with it.

Enjoy our second release,
--Henon 22:18, 11 October 2009 (CEST)


We 've reviewed large parts of the ported code, especially the tests, in order to guarantee correctness. Some bugs still remain ... we're hunt'n them down mercilessly.

New API Features
  • Most of the basic objects are already there:
    • Repository
    • Commit, Tree, Blob, Tag
    • Ref and Branch automatically resolve objects by name i.e. new Ref("master^^")
    • Init and Clone commands to programmatically invoke git commands "git init" and "git clone" with all their options
  • commit is able to return a list of ancestor commits (this can be used to implement the functionality of "git log")
  • commit is able to diff itself against another commit and returns a list of changes
Fixed Issues
  • fixed index bug
  • fixed invoking git.exe via system path