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Compatibilty of GitSharp and Git

We are striving for maximum compatitbility of git# and original git. However there are some small differences that can not be avoided.

  • On windows we do not support git links and clone does not support hard links.
  • CRLF conversion is not supported because it is not implemented
  • Only the timestamp of the index is used by git check if the index is dirty

Compatitiblity of git# and .NET/Mono Versions

GitSharp requires .NET Framework 3.5. We are not supporting earlier versions of the .NET Framework.
GitSharp requires Mono 2.4. The binaries are not working with Mono 2.0 and earlier versions.

Our strategy for supporting other platforms and versions is simple. If there are people who like to maintain compatibility for a specific framework version on Windows or Linux that version is listed here as officially supported. Any outdated versions or other platforms that no one wants to maintain are not supported.