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Variodyn is the brand name of a paging system. the name itself an artificial word constructed from the word variable and dynamic - representing the properties of a new generation of paging systems - was introduced about 1975 at germany for the analog paging system developed by siemens. The brand name was given to av digital at the year 2000. Since 2008 the brand is now owned by honeywell.

history of the variodyn system

the first system was an fully analog system, consisting of several components pre amplifiers, mixers and power amplifiers. the paging behavior of an installation was made by wiring contacts and relays. line relays were installed to get better control where the signal is distributed and get a better cost effort due power amplifiers are expensive. with the line relays it was possible to drive more lines, not using all the lines at the same time. we have no more information about the components.
status: not in production
Variodyn 2000, developed 1985 by siemens
this was also an analog system. the new innovation was to design all the components mechanical and electrical compatible, so that the components could be combined in thousands of variations by wiring at the rack. the components also had the necessary paging switches on board and used electronic switches instead of relays to switch audio. there was also a small audio matrix (4x4) supported by each component, and the audio switches were easy controllable by external contacts. the main behavior of the system had to be implemented by relays which were supported by some components implementing often used behavior.
status: not in production
Variodyn 2030, developed 1987 by siemens
this is an extension for the variodyn 2000 devices. all the devices were designed to plug on a interface for digital control. with this interface the audio switches of the devices were controllable by a microprocessor. new components were developed to get user interaction from keys and switches and show the system's operating states via lights to the user. the software was then controlling the behavior of the audio switches and allowed then more complex behavior to implement than it was possible using only relays.
status: not in production
Variodyn 3000, developed 1991 by siemens
this is an analog system digitally controlled. the innovation was to replace the expensive parallel control bus used by the Variodyn 2000 system by a serial bus. this reduced also rack wiring complexity and allowed to build up larger systems. all the components use relays to switch audio and allows to control digitally the audio volume at each device. a more powerful processor controlling the behavior was also developed. then the software was enabled with a lot of features for paging systems. a configuration phase was introduced defining the behavior and devices installed at the system.
status: not in production
Variodyn D1, developed 2004 by av digital
this is a fully digital distributed system. only 10 different components allow to build small installations and grow up to very large installations. the benefits are detailed described at several websites. the system has overridden the features older one. several hundred installations are running worldwide. av digital was acquired 2008 by honeywell.
status: in production

Variodyn is a resistered trademark by av digital gmbh.

thanks to harry for helping

Features of the Variodyn Systems

table: comparision of functions
Variodyn D1 Variodyn 3000 Variodyn 2030 Variodyn 2000
system complexity
modules 9 >50 >70 >50
technology digital control
digital audio
digital control
analog audio
digital control
analog audio
key and relay wired control
analog audio
basic public address functions
monitoring yes yes yes yes
autonomous generated signals yes yes yes yes
autonomous audio storage yes yes yes no
sinal processing yes no no no
environmental noise compensation yes yes no no
multiple connections yes yes yes, max 4 no
connection priority yes yes no no
connection conflict management yes yes no no
connect group of lines yes yes no no
remote administration yes yes no no
configuration configuration tool, telnet configuration tool, EIA232 no no
alarm mode yes yes no no
power amplifier replacement yes yes no no
loudspeaker line survey yes yes yes, hardware no
power amplifier survey yes yes yes, hardware no
earthfault survey yes yes yes, hardware no
networking yes, eth100 yes, EIA232 no no
time scheduling of connections yes no no no
time synchronization yes yes no no

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